Is it ever okay to date a loved ones’ ex? Expert asks if some couplings should be off limits

She’s best known for dishing out advice as one of the relationship experts on Married At First Sight. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Mel said that Connie Crayden, 27, was among her favourite brides to match and offer her expert dating advice. She was a person who was so open to learning and taking advice on board,’ she revealed. While the experts only appear on-screen for a few minutes during the committment ceremonies, they could spend up to an hour with each couple during filming. Mel also dished on Connie’s groom Jonethen Musulin, saying that he was also easy to deal with was always ‘open to taking advice’. The relationship expert then gushed about fan favourite Mikey Pembroke, who she described as ‘lovable’. As for the hardest cast members to work with during the show, one busty blonde bride came to Mel’s mind. She went on to say while she repeatedly attempted to get Stacey to open up, the aspiring lawyer was having none of it. She added: ‘I wanted the opportunity to perhaps assist her in moving through some of her blocks.

Would you dump someone if they didn’t like your pet?

By Jessica Rach For Mailonline. A woman who prides herself on teaching women how to date billionaires has revealed the warning signs that the man in your life ‘won’t commit’. London -based Anna Bey, 34, who goes by the moniker ‘JetSetBabe’ online, says classic signs that your man is ‘just not that into you’ include being ‘flaky’ and cancelling at the last minute. Speaking in her latest vlog entry on her ‘ School of Affluence ‘ site, Swedish-born Anna, whose approach has landed her a wealthy banker boyfriend, also said that ‘not spending money on you’ can be a red flag, and advised that setting boundaries would help attract ‘high calibre men’.

London -based Anna Bey, 34, who goes by the moniker ‘JetSetBabe’ online, says classic warning signs that your man is ‘just not that into you’ include being ‘flaky’ and cancelling at the last minute.

Dating expert reveals the photo formula that will get you the most matches – including wavy hair for women and stubble for men. By Natalie.

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Roman Kemp. Why you should never date a man in their 30s according to a relationship expert Dating.

Tracey Cox reveals the sex issues you DON’T need to worry about with a new man

Men are most interested in honest, confident women with an appetite for fun, according to a top relationship coach. Louanne Ward deciphers what singles really want in her Facebook group, She Said He Said, by asking hundreds of people to rank the qualities they find most attractive in potential partners. Honesty was named the personality trait men value most in women in a recent poll conducted by the dating expert from Perth , Western Australia, with Confidence and good self-esteem were second at 20 percent, followed by playfulness at 18 percent.

British sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox says the start of a new relationship is both the best and worst time sexually for most couples.

By Freya Drohan For Dailymail. Breaking up is hard to do, as the song goes, but one expert has some advice to make the heartbreaking situation a little easier. Sometimes, people make the decision to split with their significant other even though there’s still a lot of love left in the relationship. Maria Sullivan, vice president and relationships expert at Dating. Breaking up is hard to do: A relationship expert weighed in on when to know it’s time to split with your partner – even if you still love them stock image.

When hanging out with your partner becomes more of a chore than anything, it’s time to seriously consider breaking up. Maria told Seventeen.

Australian dating expert Louanne Ward reveals the personality traits women desire most in a man

Relationship coach Louanne Ward pictured has revealed her key ‘dos and don’ts’ for the Christmas and New Year period. While the Christmas season is all about spending time with loved ones, it is also a time when breakups and loneliness usually soar. Activity on dating apps spike, singles organise too many dates and thousands wake up with sore heads after long nights out on the town.

Thousands of Australians step up their dating in the lead-up to December 31 in the hope of finding someone to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Ms Ward warns against getting too comfortable with staying home instead of going out with friends or on a date. Having the strength to show vulnerability is empowering and sexy.

In January , The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, covered Jo’s coaching work in why everyone who’s serious about finding The One has a dating coach. Sunday Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Star.

An Australian dating coach has tackled the tricky issue of whether it’s OK to date a friend or family member’s ex, or if you are ‘allowed’ to date someone your friend was interested in first. Some people were of the opinion that it could possibly work out with a friend’s ex so long as there was a ‘long chat’ before anything was initiated, while others said when someone leaves your ‘inner circle’ they shouldn’t be allowed to come back.

I would ask my friend or family member if it bothered them before making a decision to move forward,’ one person said. A third agreed that the prospect of love can be found anywhere: ‘I don’t see anything wrong with it, we’re all supposed to be adults. Sometimes if two people are meant to be together they have to follow their hearts’. One woman questioned why you needed to ‘get with’ someone your friend or family member had when there are ‘so many more fish in the sea’.

If it is a long term ex partner, there are 30 million other people to date, I don’t see the need. They aren’t a friend worth keeping,’ she said. They have left the family or friendship circle. You don’t bring them back in but I guess you could leave too,’ said another. A third added: ‘I’m a loyal person so if it wasn’t okay I wouldn’t go there. My relationship with my friend or family is more important’. Louanne said she had once set up the ex-partner of the man she was dating, only to have him cheat on her with the same ex.

Relationship expert reveals the biggest mistakes couples make in the bedroom

By Leigh Mcmanus For Mailonline. This quiz claims to determine whether your marriage still feels fresh and exciting – or is languishing at the bottom of a relationship rut. Lewandowski Jr.

An Australian dating coach has polled the public about whether they Relationship expert Louanne Ward posed the controversial question on.

A bikini model who previously claimed she was ‘too good looking’ to attract a man has finally found a date with the help of an expert dating coach. After embarking on her mission to find love, the mother-of-two was able to transform her approach to dating with a technique called ‘rotational dating‘. The process has allowed her to date a range of different men, while continuing to enjoy multiple meet-ups with one man in particular.

Jenna Thompson, 36, from Brentwood in Essex pictured on holiday in an unknown location , decided to seek the help of an expert dating guru after previously claiming her beauty was the reason behind her single status. The mother-of-two pictured with a date has now been on around ten dates and continues to see one man in particular. The model sought the help of the dating coach Sami Wunder pictured after more than two years of disastrous dates.

For Jenna, the biggest hurdle was the rotational dating – not exclusively seeing one person unless they are serious about commitment. I still do attract guys that aren’t serious, but I see them coming. She continued: ‘For me what’s changed is that I am not actively looking for the bad boys anymore and I understand what it is I truly want.

ASK ZELDA: Our relationship expert Zelda West-Meads answers your questions

An Australian relationship expert and dating coach has revealed the top mistakes people make on a date that lead to being ‘ghosted’ and never messaged again. Sharing the advice on her website , Samantha Jayne listed seven reasons why thi happens, including talking about kids, an ex or the coronavirus after meeting someone for the first time. She also recommends not asking too many questions and focusing on whether there is a connection between yourself and your date.

An Australian dating coach has polled the public about whether you should Relationship expert asks singles whether honesty is always best.

Louanne Ward is a dating expert from Perth, Western Australia, who uses strategy and behavioural psychology to guide Australians to their perfect match. She told Daily Mail Australia there are five types of people using online dating platforms right now, only one of whom is genuinely looking for love. Ms Ward broke down the telltale traits of each personality to help singles navigate the uncharted territory of dating during coronavirus, while state governments prepare to gradually ease social distancing restrictions as infection rates fall.

Ms Ward says people who feel unappreciated and taken for granted in their primary relationship are logging on to dating apps in search of flattery and validation, which provides them with instant gratification, without leaving their partner. Ms Ward says it’s easier than ever to make connections online right under your partner’s nose, with many covert exchanges taking place on social media rather than dedicated dating platforms.

The other person is open and willing because they are single, and so ultimately they end up being hurt. Ms Ward said many people in relationships ‘micro-cheat’ because they don’t view the behaviour to be as hurtful as physical sex. While ‘happily ever afters’ have always been the exception rather than the rule for online dating, Ms Ward says apps are now crawling with more bored singles than ever before as lockdown leaves people with little to do but scroll through their phone.

Dating from home: YES it’s possible, and here’s how singles are doing it!

I laugh this off, even though it confirms one of my biggest insecurities. I have big feet size 8 and am so tall 5 ft 11 in that I always had to play the man in school plays. Oh dear. Sophia Money-Coutts, 35, pictured spoke to successful love coaches in the UK, for help with feeling more confident about romance. Why am I sitting behind my laptop having a lesson with a love coach?

Dating expert Maria Sullivan offered some advise on how to end a relationship when the romance is still there. Maria said it’s important to.

Expert in love: She said that keeping your location private, as well as knowing how to block people are two important safety measures to keep in mind when setting up dating profiles. The mother-of-one recommends using a photo the shows you having fun for your page photo, as well as having fun with emojis when messaging potential matches. It could be your sense of fun or love of nature.

Are you kind and selfless too? After setting up the basic elements of a dating profile, she said some of the most important things to keep in mail are keeping some information private, and learning how to make an online conversation turn into the unique-life date. After speaking to people, Andi advises daters to talk on the phone before meeting in person.

Knowing how to block people before you start exploring the online dating world, as well as keeping the location of where you live completely private, are two basic, things to do while getting started. Once fully immersed in the online dating world and talking to potential log, Andi says to do a mail of unique checks.

How #MeToo has RUINED dating by making men scared to approach women in real life, expert says

By Shirley Donlon For Dailymail. The whole process of online dating can be fairly daunting, especially when you’re not quite sure what you’re getting yourself into by signing up to the likes of Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid, for example. Dating expert, Andi Lew, has revealed some of her most basic tips for participating in online dating, including keeping certain aspects of your life private from the online dating world, as well as choosing the perfect photo to represent your true self.

The year-old Australian wellness and dating coach said that the ‘swipe’ culture of online dating is making things move faster than ever, but she’s urging online daters to slow down in their rush to find love. Dating coach Andi Lew, 45, has revealed some of her top tips for succeeding in the world of online dating, as she says the ‘swipe life’ in online dating is moving faster than ever. Dating and wellness coach Andi, told FEMAIL that different social media courting tactics, such as liking someone’s photos and sending them private messages, are all successful approaches to trying to secure love online.

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A relationship expert has debunked popular myths about romance as couples prepare to celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day. Her research reveals men prefer sex to gifts, while women value thought and sentiment over extravagance when it comes to presents – so long as it’s not in the form of fluffy handcuffs, alcohol or tacky lingerie. Dinner – either home cooked or at a restaurant – flowers, chocolates, small gestures, words of appreciation and an evening of lovemaking are the universally preferred Valentine’s gifts for both sexes, Ms Ward told Daily Mail Australia.

Perth dating coach Louanne Ward pictured clarified common misconceptions about Valentine’s Day. According to leading anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, men are more likely to fall in love at first sight because their brains and hormonal systems give them more visual romantic tendencies than women. A study published in the Australian Journal of Personality and Psychology also found men are more inclined to say ‘I love you’ first, and to experience a greater rush of serotonin – the happiness hormone – when the words are reciprocated.

Data from statistics analysis site Finder revealed couples are less likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day the older they get. Almost half of Generation Y will splash cash on their loved one, while an overwhelming eighty percent of ‘boomers’ skip the occasion altogether. Men are more likely to fall in love at first sight because their brains and hormonal systems give them more visual romantic tendencies than women stock image.

Couples who have been ‘on the rocks’ over the past few months are highly likely to call it quits before Valentine’s Day, Ms Ward reveals. A survey of 2, adults from Illicit Encounters, an adulterous UK dating site, identified February 12 – two days before Valentine’s Day – as the world’s most popular day to break up. A resounding 90 percent of men surveyed by Illicit Encounters said sex was their number one wish for Valentine’s Day.

Dating Expert Tries To Save AWadd